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Danaher Corporation Import & Export Specialist in Beijing, China

  • 核对进出口运单、发票、台账等相关文件 准备进出口清关文件, 对《单证复核表》中报关随附单据的逻辑性和完整性进行复核,对报关单中涉及申报信息进行申报前复核,并进行签字确认,对有疑问的申报项目,与货代公司或报关行进行沟通,确保申报无误,对复核发现的问题进行纠错处理降低关务风险

    Check shipping document(s)、invoice(s) and ledger,prepare customs declaration documents, reducing Customs risk

  • 了解,判断,综合销售,工程师和采购提供的产品信息,准确界定产品归类,帮助合规部门准确的对产品进行归类,降低关务风险

    Understanding, judging, synthesizing the product information provided by sales, engineers and purchasing, accurately defining product classification, helping trade compliance departments to accurately classify products and reduce Customs risk

  • 对于各个部门提出的进出口需求做判断,找到适合的操作方式并控制其对应的关务风险

Judging the import and export needs of various departments, finding suitable operation methods and controlling their corresponding customs risks

  • 追踪紧急货物的状态, 跟国外供应商,货代公司做及时沟通

Track and update the status of urgent material. Communicate with foreign suppliers and shipping forwarder timely

  • 给财务部门提供出口退税报关单的整理与匹配以便完成退税工作

To provide the financial department with the arrangement and matching of export tax rebate declarations in order to complete the work of tax refund

  • 熟悉海关,商务部,外管局等各政府相关部门对于贸易的政策和更新,熟练应用各个政府机关的网络平台

Familiar with relevant government departments such as Customs, Ministry of Commerce,State Administration of Foreign Exchange and other government departments on trade policies and updates, skilled application of various government organs network platform

  • 应对进出口业务中的突发问题,如海关查验,物料破损,物料遗失等,尽快找出解决办法,以保证货物的准时到达

To deal with unexpected problems in import and export business, such as customs inspection, material damage, material loss, etc., find solutions as soon as possible to ensure the timely arrival of goods

  • 根据产品和客户的需求办理进出口许可证书

Apply the import and export certificate according the customer and Customs requirements

  • 对各个相关部门传达海关,商务部等各政府相关部门对于进出口业务的要求,提供明确的操作流程,以帮助其他部门的同事尽快完成相关工作,保证业务的顺利进行

Communicate with relevant departments the requirements of Customs, Ministry of Commerce and other relevant government departments for import and export business, and provide clear operational procedures to help colleagues in other departments to complete relevant work as soon as possible, ensure operate business smoothly

  • 规范第三方供应商的日常工作,及时提出改进措施,控制成本提高效率

Regulate the daily work of third-party suppliers, propose improvement measures in time, control costs and improve efficiency

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